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The Interaction Between a Web Interface & Investment Management System

Project Time: 1+ Years

Client Overview


Our client is one of the Caribbean's largest financial institutions, with an employee count of 2,000 regional, that specializes in Banking and Financial services, and subsidiary companies in Forex Trading, Home Loans, and Asset & Investment Management across the region.



Our client had a legacy system that was being used for different trading processes, after which they decided to upgrade to a later version of said system. The system allowed for staff to invest in stocks and bonds on behalf of their customers. Once the data was inputted, the information was processed through the system. 
The challenge they had was their upgraded system was still very manual in its application and didn't allow for any automation. Therefore, staff still had to be relied on to execute trading manually on behalf of our client's customers. Our client did not want to pay the licensing fee for third-party software to automate the process as this would increase operational costs, and the third-party system could not be customized to do exactly what they needed.



Ingenuity was brought in to develop an Investment Management System,
that would allow for two things:


  • Integrate with their existing system to automate the entire process from end-to-end

  • Customized to fit our client's specific needs such as being able to process payments and send payments to respective third-party banks

Implementation Steps


  • Gathered requirements for the specifications they needed for the interface

  • Assessment done to gain a deeper understanding of the new system and the shortcomings it had that needed to be filled

  • Built out the interface using the Visual Studio C-Sharp

  • Implemented and integrated the new system with their existing system

  • Used Ingenuity's Quality Assurance Testing life cycle process for unit and system integration testing of the system



Our client saw a reduction in turnaround time to process investments due to the automated capabilities of the new system integration. They also saw an increase in staff productivity which lead to an increase in customer satisfaction as more investments could be processed in a day, and deposits to third-party banks made more readily available to their customers.

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