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We give particular attention to compensation, benefits and working atmosphere those are reviewed regularly and based on competitive market values


Intrapreneurship — our term for the ownership culture within Ingenuity.

Profit participation: rewards come with growth.


Ingenuity distributes a portion of profits with the team, taking into consideration individual performance.

Health Plans

Health and wellness of our members is crucial to their own personal success and the collective success of our company.

Health plans provide financial security and peace of mind.


To strengthen relationships between our team, Ingenuity contributes by organizing social activities and having fun with team members.

Time Off

We encourage our professionals to enjoy annual vacations and holidays to rejuvenate and get back to work with a fresh and satisfied mind.


Understanding that some life situations may require unplanned time away from work,

we also offer special leaves.

Ingenuity is about continuous development. We strive to create a stimulating environment where you can excel, opportunities to continually learn, share knowledge, innovate and progress

Scale Skills


Seminar for management covers Ingenuity from A to Z with executive presentations, hands-on case studies and networking exercises.



Tailored learning and development opportunities are designed to sustain and increase delivery success rate.



24/7 access to enjoy a wide range of online learning resources and an extensive online library of books and reference manuals.


By joining Ingenuity’s technical and functional interest groups.


You'll benefit from a continuous, real-time exchange of knowledge that allows you to access and leverage each others' expertise.


Collaborate on problem-solving, reuse intellectual property assets and share, the latest in an ever-evolving industry.


Whatever your role at Ingenuity, you'll be continuously encouraged to be creative in improving ways of doing things.


Our Excellence in Innovation Award  program has been designed to encourage and reward such innovation.


The core of it is, finding solutions for clients, and helping drive continuous success at Ingenuity.


You'll be invited to leverage your knowledge and skills in developing reusable methodologies, business processes, software code and other intellectual property assets.



Ingenuity is in the business of delivering solutions that leverage our collective capabilities.


Opportunities to develop your skills, build your career, and work on game changing projects.


Potential for on-shore, client-site assignments around the world.


Our teams are structured to allow you to draw on the expertise of global team members with diverse experience and backgrounds, which fosters innovation, problem solving and the delivery of Ingenuity’s full capabilities.

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