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A Digital Training Platform That Saved Time & Increased Sales

Project Time: 4 months

Client Overview


Our client is a company that specializes in Cosmetic Surgery and laser
procedures that caters to the entire family. Its range of services includes
comprehensive treatments for all types of skin diseases, hair and nails.



Our client runs a very successful beauty, cosmetic and personal care
business, and sees numerous clients through appointments daily. Due to
the growing size of the business, they constantly needed to hire and train employees to learn the company's special and unique techniques it uses to get results for their customers.


The challenge was revenues for the business are directly tied to how
many patients the head doctor sees for the day. This meant every time
they hired someone, the head doctor or a more experienced employee
had to take time away from tending to patients and other daily tasks to
train new employees.

As result this:


  • Took time away from patients and other daily tasks

  • Reduced the company's earning potential 

  • Lowered the company's productivity 



Also, there was no way to asses the new employees level of competency,
so there was no way of knowing what they could or could not do, which
lead to mistakes often in procedures and daily tasks
.They needed a solution that would allow the head doctor or experienced staff to see as many patients throughout the day, without having to take time to train new employees.



Ingenuity Technologies was brought in to assess the situation and
implement a Digital Transformation strategy. We suggested implementing a web-based training platform that allowed our client to train employees remotely, independent of someone physically needing to be there to train new employees. Additionally, the platform could be accessed on the client's network.

The platform would:


  • Allow training materials such as videos or worksheets to be uploaded to the system

  • Allow each employee to have their own login details

  • Allow the client to set different user privileges and access for each user

  • A score to be assigned to each training material to assess the competency of each employee

  • Record the assessment status and progress for each employee

Implementation Steps


  • We assessed to understand what they were looking for

  • Gathered requirements of the system 

  • Using the Ingenuity Life Cycle (ILC) process we developed a flowchart and wireframe as to what the system would look like

  • Next we developed the system using our DevOps and Agile practices

  • Materialized CSS tech to build out the user interface 

  • Used MySQL to build out the backend to develop the web application

  • Conducted testing (unit testing) during development 

  • Ingenuity's Proprietary Software Engineering & Quality Assurance life cycle was used to build and test the system while using JIRA to manage the project



As a result of implementing the training platform the client was pleased as
they saw the following results:


  • Revenues increased by 250%

  • Productivity tripled 

  • Employees were better assessed and assigned tasks accordingly which made operations more seamless and efficient

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