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Improving the Customer Experience Through Quality Assurance Testing

Project Time: 3 weeks

Client Overview


Our client is one of the largest retail stores across the region, with several locations, and a salesforce of close to 80 generating hundreds of Millions in revenues yearly.



Our client had procured web development services from an external vendor to build an e-commerce website. Though the look and feel of the website were satisfactory, the functionalities weren't.


As a result, this significantly affected the customer experience while making purchases on the website. This in-turn caused several customers to abandon their shopping cart, which affected online sales for our client.



We recommended running a series of tests that included system tests to identify what aspects of the website were missing and/or had to be fixed. 

We also recommended user acceptance testing to identify gaps in the customer experience while trying to make purchases on the platform.

Implementation Steps


  • Ingenuity experts were assigned specifically to the project and managed by the project team lead

  • Each expert was given a specific aspect of the website to test to do and deadlines assigned

  • Throughout the process, the Quality Assurance Engineers ensured to document each phase of the testing process 



We provided our client with a detailed documentation breakdown of the sections that had issues, what those issues were, the risks to their business, and recommendations on what they can do to fix these issues and mitigate against future ones.

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