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Melarka Williams

Deputy Chairman

Melarka Williams possesses over ten years’ experience in Engineering and Information Technology in the financial services and utilities sector across three continents with some of the largest technology companies of the world. Williams, a graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica, achieved a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Communications and Electronics.

Under his leadership, in 2012 Melarka championed the team which built the first bespoke Mobile Banking Solution in the Caribbean: Ingenuity Proprietary Mobile Banking Solution. In 2016 Melaka’s Ingenuity Technologies was the recipient of a multi-million-dollar innovation award from the Development Bank of Jamaica creating his revolutionizing proprietary mobile survey and business analytics tool: iSurvey.

Vastly passionate about the development of the Caribbean people, Melarka envisions a world where we will be creators of technology in lieu of being merely consumers of technology. He advocates that the brilliant minds in the Caribbean, if given the proper ecosystem to succeed, can firmly position the Caribbean as the ultimate information technology outsourcing destination. A world where we are providing higher valued Information Technology services such as Software Engineering and Quality Assurance/Testing.

Melarka currently serves the as Vice President of the Jamaica Institute of Technology Service Alliance.


  • Weight Training

  • Beach trips with family and friends

  • Competitive Sports Formula

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